Facebook Restricted List

When a new Facebook account is developed, by default it is configured to permit all Facebook users to send buddy demands to the account holder. Although this function aids the new individuals to attach to optimal number of Facebook users, lot of times keeping the feature enabled could not be much appreciated.

If you are a Facebook individual, leaving the 'Add Buddy' alternative open up to everyone could overpopulate your Facebook profile with numerous friend requests from unknown Facebook users. To avoid this scenario, you can hide the 'Include Pal' button from others. When you do so, the 'Include Buddy' button appears just to individuals who have at the very least one close friend in common with you (additionally called a "Mutual Friend").

Facebook Restricted List

How To Restrict On Facebook

■ Activate your Android phone.

■ Touch the Menu switch to visit the applications listing.

■ Locate as well as tap the Facebook icon.

■ If you are not already signed-in, supply your essential qualifications in the proper areas, and also touch the Log in switch.

■ Once the News Feed user interface opens, tap the Even more switch (button with 3 straight lines) from the top-right edge.

■ On the More window, scroll down the page as well as tap the Account Settings option situated under the AID & SETTINGS area.

■ Tap the Privacy option on the Settings window.

■ Once the How You Connect page appears, tap the Who can send you good friend requests? readily available under the Who can contact me? area.

■ Finally on the Select Audience web page, under the That can send you close friend requests? group, touch the Pals of Friends choice to stop unidentified Facebook individuals from sending you good friend demand.