Delete Everything On Facebook

Since, Facebook has turned out its brand-new "Timeline attribute" to all of it's 800 million customers on its network, it has actually been obtaining blended reactions. Though the brand-new Timeline has some new and also fascinating functions to provide, some individuals on Facebook simply find it too complex and cluttered with the advertisements and information ticker on the right-hand man side. Some just do not such as the face-lift. Such irritated customers are seriously locating ways to disable and also eliminate this brand-new Timeline attribute.

When Timeline was first launched as a 'examination attribute', Facebook launched it through an application which enabled examining the Timeline for a week as well as the individuals had an option to switch back to the old profile by disabling it. Since Timeline has actually currently been launched for all individuals, the number of individuals that didn't like it are obtaining disappointed however left with no choice. Regrettably Timeline is right here to stay, atleast for the time being (Till Facebook thinks about something else) as well as there is no other way you can disable it BUT, TechNutty has an extremely basic service for you.

Simple Option-- IE 7

Though it holds true that the Timeline attribute will certainly not be disabled or removed, but there is a manner in which it will not be visible to you (it will still be visible to your friends). The option my friends is really easy. Simply Make Use Of Net Explorer 7. Facebook Timeline is not sustained on IE7 and most likely won't be in the future as well. If you don't want to browse your account or your good friends profile with Facebook Timeline, simply utilize Web Traveler 7. Yes, it is really as basic as that.

Other Web browser customers

If you are using various other web browsers like Google Chrome, opera, Firefox or others as well as do not wish to use IE7, TechNutty still has a heartening solution for you. Though Timeline attribute can not be entirely eliminated for you, however it can absolutely be lowered to an extent that it starts resembling your earlier account. Simply adhere to the following treatment, detailed:

Steps to follow for NON IE 7 individuals:

Delete Everything On Facebook

1. Open and visit to to your Facebook account in the internet browser of your selection.

2. Go to the site in an additional tab of the exact same web browser window in which Facebook is currently open.

3. You will certainly see all popular browser symbols. You will discover that the Net Traveler icon is crossed, as the Timeline does not appear in that browser in any case.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

4. Select the browser that you are presently using (in which Facebook as well as SocialFixer is already open). Let's presume you picked 'Google Chrome'.

5. Go back to your Facebook tab as well as Refill the web page.

6. On the top right of the Facebook standing bar, (right before your name and also small account photo), you will certainly see a little icon (which was not there before). The little red box in the equivalent picture represents the thumbnail of your profile picture. The 'brand-new' setups icon is placed simply to the 'Left' of it on your screen.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

7. Click it as well as from the checklist that opens, pick "Social Fixer Options".

8. A checklist such as displayed in the matching picture will open. You can click on the picture to get a bigger sight of the same.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

9. For each and every food selection alternative on the left, like 'Popular', Layout', 'Blog posts', 'Show' etc, a listing of functions will certainly open up on the right. Un-check ALL packages that you see. it is very important to ensure that you do not damage any other setups.

10. When you involve the "Timeline" feature, Check the bottom 4 boxes out of the total 5, as shown in the equivalent picture. Click the photo to obtain a complete view.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

11. It will certainly show a little message box advising you to freshen your page. Click 'ok'.

12. Go to your "Facebook' tab and refresh your page.

Surprise! Your Facebook Timeline will certainly now show up a little bit better to what it was. The cover image would certainly have mosted likely to provide you a BIG relief and also a few other symbols, will give you a tip of your OLD Facebook profile. It is really easy to do this, don't obtain annoyed by the number of steps, it is just to make things simpler for you.

In case you determine to return to your Timeline, you simply require to disable the 'Social Fixer' by adhering to these three simple actions.

1. Most likely to Setups > Tools > Expansions, as shown in the corresponding picture. Click on it to get a clearer view.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

2. In the Add ons, pick Social Fixer, Press the 'Get Rid Of' Switch and afterwards press 'Uninstall'. See the image for clarifications.

How To Delete Timeline Facebook

3. Refresh your Facebook web page to reclaim your Timeline.

Have a good time.