How to Deactivate Facebook forever

Facebook has 2 means to disable your account. One is reversible and the other is irreversible.

You can shut down an account and then later on reactivate it. While it's deactivated, people can not see your timeline or look for you, though some information, such as messages you sent out, might still be visible.

If you delete your account, it's gone forever as well as can not be reactivated. Facebook states that they "delay deletion a few days after it's requested" and that a deletion demand is terminated if you log back right into your account during that duration. They better claim that it can occupy to 90 days to remove data kept in back-up systems.

How To Deactivate Facebook Forever

How To Deactivate Facebook Permanently

- > Click on the down arrow at top left of any page.

- > Select Setups.

- > Click in the basic tab in left column.

- > Select Manage Account.

- > Scroll to Deactivate your account.

- > Click Decativate your account.

- > You are after that needed to enter your password.

To completely shut your account.

How To Deactivate Facebook Permanently

You need to click here to notify Facebook of your intent to shut your account and then pick Remove My Account.