Facebook Cannot Logout

After doing system updates and also restarting, I all of a sudden located that I was immediately logged out of the Facebook Android App. I asked yourself exactly how it might have taken place. First, I assumed, its because of tidy master (my much-loved mobile cleanser). Considering that I've quite bad habit of running clean master after period of few mins, I believed that must be the reason.

Facebook Logout Problem

Facebook Cannot Logout

The option for this popular Facebook issue is to move the application right into internal storage. Simply comply with the steps provided listed below:

1. Go to Setups -> Apps -> All Apps.

2. Faucet on the Facebook App.

3. Relocate the application to the inner storage space totally.

4. Reactivate the phone.

5. Login again.

6. After spending a long time, Shut the application.

7. Restart the phone.

8. Wola! You are done.

9. If you open up the Facebook or Facebook Carrier Android Application this time after that you will be able to login instantly without getting in that so lonnnnngggg email ID and also password combo.

10. Appreciate Facebooking.