Facebook Messages Archive

This is about using messages on Facebook on a computer system. For assist with the Messenger app, check out the Messenger Assist Facility.

Archiving a conversation hides it from your inbox till the following time you chat keeping that person. Erasing a conversation permanently gets rid of the message background from your inbox.

Facebook Messages Archive

Archived Facebook Messages

: > Most likely to messenger.com.

: > Open up the conversation you want to archive.

: > Click on top right of the conversation.

: > Click Archive.

When you do this, the conversation's history will certainly be preserved, as well as you'll still be able to discover it later on. If the exact same person sends you a brand-new message, the archived conversation will reappear in your inbox, and the brand-new message will certainly be contributed to it.

You can additionally erase messages, but you can't undelete them.